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  • Chemical Resistant & Janitorial

    Polyco – Taskmaster

    From 5.00

    Key Features

    Durable Natural Latex Gauntlet with Cotton Interlock Liner

    Superior Grip
    Roughened surface on the hand for safer handling of both wet and dry objects
    Has attained maximum abrasion score as defined by European Standard EN388
    Provides liquid proof protection
    100% cotton interlock liner eases donning and doffing, and absorbs perspiration keeping hands comfortable
    Thermal Insulation
    Good insulation against heat and cold

  • Hot Handling

    Showa 8814 Heat-Resistant Glove

    From 24.15

    Showa 8814 Heat-Resistant Gloves offer exceptional thermal protection and dexterity. Ideal for automotive, mechanical, metal stamping, and more. Machine washable and easy donning. Order now!


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