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  • Clothing

    ProJob – 3306 1/4 Zip

    From 42.00

    Comfortable long-sleeved functional top with polo. Short zip at the front with zipguard to protect the chin against chafing. Breast pocket and side pocket with zip. Useful over a T-shirt and under a jacket for all kinds of work.

  • Eco Products

    Skytec – Eco Bronze Glove Thermal

    From 6.31


    Skytec Eco Bronze Thermal Gloves offer eco-friendly craftsmanship, antimicrobial copper technology, and superior comfort. Ideal for construction, logistics, manufacturing, and more.



  • Eco Products

    Skytec – Eco Chrome Glove

    From 4.35


    Skytec Eco Chrome Gloves offer sustainable craftsmanship, copper-infused antimicrobial technology, and ergonomic design. Ideal for construction, manufacturing, and more.


  • Eco Products

    Skytec – Eco Copper Glove

    From 3.13


    Skytec Eco Copper Gloves offer antimicrobial copper technology, superior cut and abrasion resistance, and eco-friendly materials. Ideal for construction, manufacturing, gardening, and more

    • Pack of 10 €2.75 per glove
    • Case of 120 €2.59 per glove


  • Head Protection

    JSP – EVO®3 Safety Helmet – Slip Ratchet – Vented

    From 11.50

    The EVO®3 Comfort Plus helmet combines a super strong shell for superior all day protection in the widest range of environments, with the comfort benefits of the Evolution® 3D-Adjustment harness system. EVO®3 is an advancement of the long established MK®2 and Mk®3 helmets, which were first launched in the 1970’s, the EVO®3 retains the JSP signature styling while incorporating developments first seen in the EVO®8.


    Packed full of the latest protection technology and features such as the Evolution® 3D-Adjustment harness system, Revolution® Wheel Ratchet or the unique OneTouch™ Slip Ratchet, which can be adjusted using one hand in a single swift movement.

  • Disposables

    Polyco – Blue Mob Caps (Detectable) x100


    Introducing Blue Detectable Mob Caps: Your Essential Hygienic Protection

    Welcome to “Your Safety,” where health and protection meet seamlessly. Discover the innovation of our Blue Detectable Mob Caps, a crucial solution designed to enhance workplace hygiene and safety, while also catering to your compliance needs.

    • Soft elasticated head covers
    • Vacuum packed
    • Blue only
    • One size fits all
    • Made of non-woven polypropylene.
    • DM01BCM comes with a detectable metal strip
    • 100 caps per polybag / 10 polybags per case
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