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  • Eye Protection

    Bolle Safety Tracker Clear Glasses



    Elevate Workplace Safety with Bolle Safety Tracker Clear Glasses

    Discover the pinnacle of safety and protection with the Bolle Safety Tracker Clear Glasses. As a trusted guardian against mechanical and chemical risks, this eyewear stands out in the safety glasses spectrum.



  • Eye Protection

    Riley Stream Evo Safety Glasses

    From 7.99

    Wraparound Lens • 100% Metal Free • Adjustable Headband & Gasket

    Stream™ Evo safety glasses provide extreme comfort and ‘wearability’ with a range of lens options to suit a variety of conditions.



  • Eye Protection

    Univet 506UG Hybrid Safety Glasses


    Univet 506UG VPLUS KN Hybrid Safety Glasses Sporty and Stylish AntiFog Univet 506 UG VPLUS K&N rated safety glasses with additional technical features.

    • Panoramic wrapping clear lens for a wider field of vision.
    • Temples adjustable in inclination. Soft-rubber gasket for a gentle support on the face.
    • Panoramic and wraparound lens for a better side protection. Adjustable elastic band. Protects against impacts.
    • Can be used for prolonged periods as it does not create distortion or fatigue.
    • Applications: – Mechanical work in good visibility conditions – No colour distortion


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