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  • Spill Products

    1000L Chemical Spill Response Kit | PE Bin



    Designed to meet the highest standards of spill control, the C1231000 is a comprehensive spill kit that empowers you to respond quickly and effectively to unexpected spills. With its advanced features and top-quality materials, this spill kit is an essential asset for organizations committed to maintaining a clean and hazard-free environment.


    Absorbs: 1000Litres
    Contains:  300Pads
    73m Socks
    1Floor sign
    1Hazard Tape
    60Waste bags and ties
  • Spill Products




    Introducing the 2-Wheeled Bin Spill Response Kit by Ecospill!

    When it comes to tackling unexpected spills, you need a reliable solution that ensures quick and efficient cleanup. That’s where our 2-Wheeled Bin Spill Response Kit comes into play. Engineered with excellence and designed with practicality in mind, this spill response kit is a must-have for any organisatio seeking to maintain a safe and clean environment.

    Absorbs: 120 Litres.

    Contains: 60 pads, 4 1.2m socks, 8 pillows, 10 haz bags and ties.


  • Spill Products

    240 Litre Spill Response Kit



    Designed to meet the spill containment needs of various industries, the 240L Spill kit is a high-performance solution that ensures the safety and cleanliness of your workplace. With its exceptional features and innovative design, this product is a must-have for any organisation seeking effective spill control.

    Absorbs: 240Litres

    Contains:  150Pads, 61.2m Socks, 10Pillows, 18Waste bags and ties

  • Spill Products

    Drain Cover 46cm x 46cm


    PU Drain Cover 46cm x 46cm

    Our PU drain cover is made of Polyurethane which is resistant to most chemicals as well as fuels, solvents and oils. Suitable for temperatures between -40°C to 150°C.


    Our PU drain covers can be reused if cleaned and stored in a dry cool place. Our PU drain cover prevents incidental spills entering drains and provide a fast solution to responding to a spill.

    Units in Pack:1
    Size:46cm x 46cm
  • Spill Products

    St20 drip tray


    This drip tray is a practical and simple solution for small liquid storage ensuring drips and spills are contained.

    • Manufactured from medium density polyethylene
    • Sump capacity of 22ltr
    • 1 x removable plastic grid included
    • Broad range chemical compatibility
    • Manufactured in the UK
  • Spill Products

    ST60 Drip Tray 63ltr

    • Manufactured from medium density polyethylene
    • Sump capacity of 63ltr
    • 1 x removable plastic grid included
    • Broad range chemical compatibility
    • Manufactured in the UK
  • ADR-Hazchem

    30L Chemical Spill Response Kit | Clip-top Carrier



    Designed to handle unexpected spills with precision, The 30L Chemical Spill Response Kit is a comprehensive solution that ensures a safe and clean environment in your workplace. Packed with innovative features and high-quality materials, this spill response kit is a must-have for organizations that prioritize spill control and safety.

    Absorbs: 30Litres
    Contains:  20Pads
    21.2m Socks
    2Waste bags and ties
  • ADR-Hazchem

    Eco Spill – Neoprene Drain Cover



    Made from rubberised Neoprene, this option for drain covers will offer a lightweight and flexible solution for effective drain protection. Ideal for a ADR or Hazchem kit

    Units in Pack:1
    Size:1000mm x 1000mm x 2mm
  • ADR-Hazchem

    30L Organic Spill Absorbent



    This Organic compound is manufactured from 100% recycled materials. A lightweight and highly absorbent recycled absorbent, our Organic Compound offers an instant absorbency for spills in the workplace and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    This Compound is also fireproof, just pour onto the spill, brush in and brush up, leaving the surface dry with no residue.

  • ADR-Hazchem

    PU Spill Barrier


    This PVC barrier can very easily and quickly provide containment for leaked fluid. Made from non-absorbent polyurethane, the barrier is quick to install and has a sticky bottom edge.


    Good shelf life and washable. Resistant to oils and most chemicals.


    Units in Pack:1
    Size:6cm x 3m
  • Clothing

    Sioen – Essen Chemical Coverall

    From 62.99


    Thanks to the double-sided PVC-coated polyester fabric, the Essen coverall is perfectly suited for intensive use in industrial environments. The coverall is exceptionally strong and tear-resistant and protects you against chemicals, oil and grease. The fixed hood with peak and the elastic wind cuffs in the sleeves and at the legs offer more than adequate protection.

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