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  • ADR-Hazchem

    Arc Flash Safety Boot RF810 – Rock Fall

    From 299.45

    The Rockfall – Arc Flash Safety Boot RF810 is a pioneering development in Safety Footwear. It’s an Electrical Hazard lines worker boot that has been independently put through the IEC 61482-1-1:2019 Thermal Hazards of an Electric Arc test method. It’s manufactured using fire resistant laces, Helcor® upper and lining materials and R-TEN™ stitching threads.

  • High Visibility

    ProJob – 6420 PADDED JACKET

    From 145.00

    EN ISO 20471 CLASS 3/2

    Functional triple-layer jacket, in wind- and water repellant softshell material. Quilted padded lining and fleece fabric in collar for increased warmth and comfort. Two breast pockets, left one with internal phone pocket and solution for hands-free. Two side pockets. Sleeve pocket on left arm for keys and keycards etc. Inner pockets on both sides, double pockets on left side, one with Velcro closure and one with zipper. ID-card holder. Ventilation zippers under arms with mesh. Extended back. Detachable hood, adjustable with drawstring. Adjustable cuffs with Velcro and adjustable waist with drawstring. Lining is openable to facilitate printing.

  • Safety Boots

    ProMan PM104 Chicago Rigger Boot

    From 49.45

    Key Features:

    • EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 SRC certified for premium safety.
    • Wide fitting and lightweight, designed for various environments.
    • Steel toecap and stainless steel midsole for uncompromising protection.
    • Multi-panel upper construction for ankle support and comfort.
    • Dual density PU outsole for abrasion resistance and shock absorption.
    • Fur-lined anti-fatigue EVA comfort footbed for all-day well-being.
    • Anti-static for added protection.
    • Water repellent upper and oil-resistant properties.
    • SRC slip rating for enhanced traction.
    • Ladder grip for additional safety during vertical tasks.
    • Ideal for agricultural, engineering, offshore, and housebuilding applications.
  • Safety Boots


    From 53.90

    EN ISO 20345:2011

    EN ISO 20347:2012

  • Safety Boots

    Cofra Mali UK S3 CI HRO SRC Boot

    From 65.95

    Elevate your safety standards with the Cofra MALI UK S3 CI HRO SRC—a pinnacle of protection and innovation in the realm of safety footwear. Engineered to meet the rigorous EN ISO 20345:2011 standards, this boot sets a new benchmark for workplace safety.

  • Safety Runners

    FaraDRI RF008 – Rock Fall

    From 76.00
    Sizes: UK3 – UK16
    If you don’t see your size in stock contact us on (042) 933 5600 to order.
    Height: 3 Inches
    Shoe weight: 526g
    EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 WR SRC
    EN 61340-4-3:2018 ESD
  • Safety Runners

    Proman – Bridgeport PM4040 Safety Runner

    From 39.94


    • Anti-Static for safety in various environments.
    • Protective toecap and midsole for ultimate hazard protection.
    • Water-repellent upper and oil-resistant properties for versatility.
    • Dual-density PU outsole for abrasion resistance and shock absorption.
    • Wide fitting and vegan-friendly, catering to diverse needs.
    • SRC slip rating for enhanced traction and stability.
    • 100% non-metallic construction, ensuring lightweight durability.
    • Ladder grip for added security during vertical tasks.
  • Footwear


    From 42.00

    STANDARD: EN ISO 20345:2011

  • Footwear

    Flint Honey RF440C – Rock Fall

    From 39.95


    • Anti-Static
    • Protective Toecap
    • Protective Midsole
    • Water Repellent Upper
    • Oil Resistant
    • SRC Slip Rated
    • Heat Resistant Outsole to 300°C
    • 100% Non-Metallic Construction
  • Safety Boots

    Cofra – Weddell S3 SRC

    From 34.65

    STANDARD: EN ISO 20345:2011

    UPPER: water repellent leather and breathable fabric

    EXTERNAL LINING: breathable fabric

    INTERNAL LINING: SANY-DRY® 100% polyester, three-dimensional, breathable, it absorbs and releases moisture, abrasion resistant

    FOOTBED: EVANIT, made of EVA and nitrile special compound, with high bearing capacity and variable thickness (12mm – 8mm – 3,8mm). Thermoformed, anatomic, punched and coated with highly breathable fabric. Antistatic thanks to a specific treatment on the surface and to seams made of conductive yarns

    SOLE: dual-density polyurethane

    TOE CAP: FIBERGLASS CAP, non metallic fiberglass resistant to 200 J

    MIDSOLE: non metallic APT PLATE – Zero Perforation

    WIDTH: 11 Mondopoint


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