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PE Drum Dispensing & Transfer Trolley




Units in Pack:1
Size:1600mm x 740mm x 640mm

PE Drum Dispensing & Transfer Trolley: Versatile and Reliable

The PE Drum Dispensing & Transfer Trolley is your go-to solution for safe and efficient drum transportation. Providing a secondary containment system, this trolley ensures peace of mind when moving drums, while also functioning as a mobile dispensing unit. Crafted from lightweight yet durable polyethylene, it offers ease of operation for single-person handling and broad chemical compatibility for versatile use.

Versatile Functionality

This drum trolley serves multiple purposes, acting as both a transport and dispensing unit. Its secondary containment system enhances safety during drum transportation, preventing spills and leaks. Additionally, its mobility allows for convenient dispensing of liquids directly from the drum, minimizing manual handling and enhancing workflow efficiency.

Durable Construction

Constructed from high-quality polyethylene, this drum trolley is both lightweight and robust. Its sturdy build ensures durability and reliability in various industrial environments, providing long-lasting performance. The ribs of a standard 205-liter steel drum help secure the drum in place during transportation, further enhancing safety.

Chemical Compatibility

Thanks to its broad chemical compatibility, this drum trolley is suitable for use with most liquids commonly stored in drums. Whether you’re handling corrosive substances, oils, or other industrial fluids, you can rely on this trolley to safely transport and dispense them without the risk of chemical reactions or degradation.

Important Note: Not for Use with Plastic Drums

Please note that this drum trolley is specifically designed for use with steel drums and is not suitable for plastic drums. Ensure compatibility with your drum type before use to prevent damage or accidents.

Key Specifications:

  • Delivery Time: 7 – 10 days
  • Product Code: P3251607
  • Units in Pack: 1
  • Size: 1600mm x 740mm x 640mm
  • Sump Capacity: 230 liters
  • Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL): 300kg
  • Weight: 42kg

Order Now for Safe and Efficient Drum Handling

Equip your facility with the PE Drum Dispensing & Transfer Trolley for reliable drum transportation and dispensing. With its durable construction, versatile functionality, and broad chemical compatibility, it’s the perfect solution for your industrial needs.

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