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Polyco Tremor‑Low X Anti Vibration Glove

From 23.50


Comfort :

  • Open back style allows the hands to breathe keeping them cool and comfortable
  • Seamless construction will not irritate hands

Product Specific :

  • Dexterity: Unlike other impact gloves, Tremor-Low™ allows the wearer a greater level of dexterity
  • 25.3% reduction of transmissibility of Medium frequency range (25Hz – 200Hz) 40.3% reduction of transmissibility of High frequency (200Hz – 1,250Hz)

Reusable Gloves Standards 

  • TRH 0.597
  • TRM 0.747

Polyco Tremor‑Low

Product Description

Discover unprecedented comfort and protection with the Tremor‑Low™ X Anti Vibration Glove, designed to revolutionize your work experience. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, these gloves effectively mitigate the impact of vibrations, ensuring your hands stay safe and fatigue-free even during prolonged use. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Tremor‑Low™ X gloves combine an ergonomic design with advanced materials for optimal performance.

Experience the power of our anti-vibration solution that makes these gloves ideal for high-vibration tasks in construction, manufacturing, and heavy industries. The Tremor‑Low™ X gloves provide a secure grip, enhanced by the intelligent integration of vibration-absorbing components. The gloves’ durability and flexibility ensure that your dexterity is never compromised.

Equip yourself with the Tremor‑Low™ X Anti Vibration Gloves, available at ‘Your Safety’. Elevate your hand protection and productivity with gloves that are more than just protective gear – they’re an investment in your well-being.

  • 1 pair per polybag / 12 pairs per case



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9 (L), 10 (XL)

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