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Vibration Reducing

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  • Vibration Reducing

    Polyco Tremor‑Low X Anti Vibration Glove

    From 23.50


    Comfort :

    • Open back style allows the hands to breathe keeping them cool and comfortable
    • Seamless construction will not irritate hands

    Product Specific :

    • Dexterity: Unlike other impact gloves, Tremor-Low™ allows the wearer a greater level of dexterity
    • 25.3% reduction of transmissibility of Medium frequency range (25Hz – 200Hz) 40.3% reduction of transmissibility of High frequency (200Hz – 1,250Hz)

    Reusable Gloves Standards 

    • TRH 0.597
    • TRM 0.747
  • Accessories

    Smooth & Strong Wipes Tub



    • Pre-moistened so no need for water
    • High drapability for effective cleaning of smallest cracks and surface imperfections
    • Extra-large wipe size for greater volume wiping tasks
    • Medium strength for use on smoother surfaces
    • Good absorbancy with liquid skills and cleans faster
    • Skin-patch tested as safe to use on skin
    • Contains aloe vera for keeping hands moisturised
    • Conforms with EC1223/2009 Cosmetic Directive
    • Antibacterial tested to BS EN1276

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