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  • Cut Resistant

    BMG745 – Cut resistant Level D Glove

    From 2.95

    Dexterous High Cut Resistant C5/Level D Glove, Glass and Steel Fibre Free – Ideal in Dry or Greasy Conditions – Conforms to EN388:2016 (4X42D)


  • Chemical Resistant & Janitorial

    GI/F11 30cm Shield® Green Nitrile Industrial Glove

    From 1.80

    Product Description:

    Elevate your hand protection to a new level with the GI/F11 30cm Shield® Green Nitrile Industrial Glove. Engineered for superior strength, durability, and chemical resistance, these gloves are your essential companion for a wide range of industrial tasks.


  • Disposable

    GL818 Bodyguards® White Latex Powdered Disposable Glove

    From 12.89

    Product Description:

    Discover the GL818 Bodyguards® White Latex Powdered Disposable Glove, designed to provide reliable hand protection and comfort in low-risk situations.


  • Disposable

    Grippaz Skins

    From 8.95

    Grippaz Skins – 50 pack

    Suitable for:

    • Mechanics
    • Engineers
    • Agriculture
    • General Use
    • Wet, Dry & Oily Grip

    Fish Scale Grip – Powder Free – Extra Thickness – Nitrile

    Extra Tough – Max Dexterity L5 – Chemical Resistant.

    1 pack is €8.95

    1 case (10 packs) is €8.25 per Pack

    Browse our full range of products: https://www.yoursafety.ie/


    Grippaz Skins Ireland

  • Cut Resistant

    Polyco – Capilex® D Cut Resistant Foamed Nitrile Coated Glove

    From 7.14

    Features Comfort: Ultra-lightweight liner engineered without the addition of brittle glass fibre or steel, ensures the safety and superior comfort of the wearer during prolonged use Long lasting: The reinforced thumb crotch makes sure the glove stands up to repeated abrasion and damage in a high stress area. The foamed Nitrile coating ensures exceptional wet and dry grip Real World Protection: Proven high cut resistance, tested to EN388:2016 ISO Cut Level D. Heat resistant up to Contact Heat Level 1 ( 100°C ), EN:407:2004 Precision: The new Capilex D combines tactility and protection like no other glove on the market, meaning users no longer need to compromise between high cut resistance and comfort. Designed to be close fitting and available in a wide range of sizes the Capilex D is ideal for high precision handling where cut and heat are a risk Graphene Enhanced: Capilex D is enhanced with Kyorene® Graphene to provide a multitude of inherent benefits. These include Anti-Bacterial, Thermal Regulating, Odour Neutralising & UV Protecting properties designed to keep your safer and more comfortable than ever

    Single glove €7.14

    Pack of 12 €6.72 per glove

    Case of 48 €6.30 per glove


  • Cut Resistant

    Polyco – GH315 Cut Level 5/E Glove

    From 5.95

    Seamless Knitted Liner with Polyurethane Palm Coating

    Cut Resistant
    Liner offers maximum cut resistance, EN388 cut level E/5

    Polyurethane coating on palm provides excellent abrasion and tear resistance

    Good grip for safer handling in wet and dry conditions

    Seamless liner for comfort

    Knit Wrist
    Elasticated knit wrist ensures a secure fit and keeps hands free of dust and debris

    Single glove €5.95
    Pack of 12 €4.37 per glove
    Case of 144 €3.64 per glove

    All exclude VAT

  • Cut Resistant

    Polyco – HYDRO C3 Gloves

    From 5.10

    Cut Standard :

    • Achieves cut level C according to EN388, for protection in high risk cut hazard applications

    Mechanical Hazards Protection :

    • Made from a technically engineered yarn; the liner attains excellent EN388 scores in all categories

    Flexibility :

    • Strategically designed to offer optimum levels of flexibility and comfort without compromising protection
    Grip :
    • The palm coating is infused with microfoam bubbles increasing resistance to oils and maximising grip in wet and oily handling environments
    • Soft seamless knitted liner provides superior comfort for this level of protection
    • The glove has been designed to be tight fitting to give maximum dexterity in the most delicate of applications

    Unique Feature :

    • The Hydrophobic solution; which is applied through an intensive washing process; allows for a comprehensive and robust 3-Dimensional water resistant performance in wet and challenging conditions while maintaining maximum breathability
  • General Use

    Polyco – Pure Dex™ Nylon Inspection Glove

    From 1.09

    Fit :

    • Close fitting for maximum dexterity

    Closure :

    • Elasticated knitted wrist provides a secure fit and keeps hands free from dirt and debris

    Lining :

    • Reduces the risk of product contamination

    Unique Feature :

    • Gloves remain clean and uncontaminated prior to use

    More sizes available upon request. Contact us on 042 933 5600.



  • Cold Handling

    Polyflex® ECO Thermal Cut 3 Glove

    From 6.25

    Product Description:

    Discover the Polyflex® ECO Therm Thermal Lined Sandy Latex Coated Glove, a remarkable combination of environmental responsibility and superior hand protection.


  • Eco Products

    Skytec – Eco Bronze Glove Thermal

    From 5.95


    • 1 pair equivalent to 1 500ml recycled PET bottle
    • Soft and lightweight liner made of 50% recycled polyester and 50% virgin polyester
    • Flexible and durable nitrile foam knuckle coating guarantee a secure grip in wet and oily conditions
    • 360 degree water repellent treatment to protect from liquids
    • Touchscreen capabilities to allow usage with screen devices
    • RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) certified



  • Eco Products

    Skytec – Eco Chrome Glove

    From 4.10


    • 1 pair = 2 500ml (PET) plastic bottle, recycled
    • Touchscreen capabilities to allow usage with screen devices
    • A RCS (Recycled Claim Standard)certified
    • Designed for easy movement and continuous wear



  • Eco Products

    Skytec – Eco Copper Glove

    From 2.95
    • 1 pair is equivalent to 1 500ml recycled PET bottle
    • Lightweight 90% rPET liner (90%) maintains a super thin ‘feel’ for improved dexterity, fit and comfort
    • Special suction cups pattern which leads to an excellent wet and dry grip
    • Solvent free latex coating which makes it more Eco friendly compared to a crinkle latex glove
    • RCS (Recycled claim Standard) certified
    • Anatomically designed for high levels of comfort and tactile touch

    Pack of 10 €2.75 per glove

    Case of 120 €2.59 per glove



  • Cut Resistant

    Skytec Radius EW151

    From 13.99

    A fully coated glove combining thermal properties and cut resistance with an open cuff for easy donning and doffing. Ideal for sharp handling in cold and wet environments.

  • Cut Resistant

    Skytec TONS TP-3 Cut Resistant Glove

    From 4.95

    Product Description:

    Elevate your hand protection to the next level with the Skytec TONS TP-3 Cut Resistant Gloves. Engineered for precision and durability, these gloves are your essential companion for demanding tasks.

  • General Use

    Skytec TP-1 Safety Glove

    From 1.85

    Product Description:

    Experience top-tier hand protection with the Skytec TONS TP-1 Polyurethane Palm Coated Gloves. Crafted for excellence, these gloves are your essential companion for a wide range of tasks, offering both durability and comfort.



  • Accessories

    Smooth & Strong Wipes Tub



    • Pre-moistened so no need for water
    • High drapability for effective cleaning of smallest cracks and surface imperfections
    • Extra-large wipe size for greater volume wiping tasks
    • Medium strength for use on smoother surfaces
    • Good absorbancy with liquid skills and cleans faster
    • Skin-patch tested as safe to use on skin
    • Contains aloe vera for keeping hands moisturised
    • Conforms with EC1223/2009 Cosmetic Directive
    • Antibacterial tested to BS EN1276

  • General Use

    Polyco – Polyflex Ultra Glove – Foamed palm coating.

    From 2.50

    The Polyflex Ultra Mechanics Glove is a seamless nylon liner with a foamed palm coating that utilises a blend of polyurethane and nitrile to provide excellent grip in wet, dry or oily handling applications. This highly flexible coating has a slightly roughened finish, which further improves handling performance. The soft, comfortable nylon liner ensures unparalleled comfort, which allows for long periods of wear without any signs of hand fatigue.

  • Cold Handling

    Polyco Imola® Drivers Style Glove

    From 9.95

    Product Description:

    Experience exceptional hand protection with the Polyco Imola® Drivers Style Glove, where style meets functionality in a single, versatile package. These gloves are your essential companion for a wide range of tasks, offering both durability and comfort.


  • General Use

    Skytec – Aria Safety Glove

    From 2.70

    1 Pair €2.72

    Pack of 10 €2.52 per pair

    Box of 120 €2.35 per pair



  • Disposable

    Aurelia® Blush Pink Nitrile Gloves – Pack Of 200

    From 10.99

    Elevate your hand protection with Aurelia® Blush. The premium pink nitrile examination gloves designed to deliver superior tensile strength and safeguard your hands like never before.

    These gloves are the epitome of quality and comfort, offering a protective layer that outshines both latex and vinyl alternatives.



  • General Use

    BMG 201

    From 3.00


    Multi-Purpose Polyester/Sandy Nitrile Glove

    Fully coated nitrile with a nitrile sandy finish palm. Great grip, ideal for wet and oily tasks, including oil submersion.

  • Chemical Resistant & Janitorial

    Polyco – Grip It Oil Therm

    From 6.00

    Seamless knitted glove with a dual nitrile coating and fleecy liner



  • Chemical Resistant & Janitorial


    From 5.50

    Key Features of the Polyco Grip It Gloves GIW

    • Feature double latex layers for excellent waterproof capabilities
    • Provides outstanding levels of grip in all conditions
    • Offers soft and pliable construction that ensures flexibility
    • Provides tough abrasion resistance that is ideal for rough material handling
    • Features a foam coating that aids water resistant design
    • Designed with a comfortable contoured design that reduces hand fatigue
    • Ergonomically designed to fit tight with a tapered design at the wrist


  • General Use

    Polyflex Plus – Nylon Glove with Foamed Nitrile Palm Coating

    From 2.00
    Experience unmatched protection and dexterity with the Polyflex Plus glove. Designed with cutting-edge technology and premium materials, this glove offers exceptional flexibility and tactile sensitivity without compromising on safety. Whether you’re working in construction, manufacturing, or any high-risk industry, the Polyflex Plus glove provides reliable defense against abrasions, cuts, and punctures.


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