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Aurelia® Blush Pink Nitrile Gloves – Pack Of 200

From 10.99

Elevate your hand protection with Aurelia® Blush. The premium pink nitrile examination gloves designed to deliver superior tensile strength and safeguard your hands like never before.

These gloves are the epitome of quality and comfort, offering a protective layer that outshines both latex and vinyl alternatives.



This item: Aurelia® Blush Pink Nitrile Gloves - Pack Of 200
From 10.99
From 10.99

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Enhanced Tensile Strength: Aurelia® Blush Nitrile Examination Gloves are engineered to provide heightened tensile strength. Ensuring robust protection and peace of mind in various settings.

Comfortable and Flexible: Crafted from thin nitrile material, these gloves are meticulously designed to offer unparalleled comfort, flexibility, and sensitivity. Your hands will feel the difference.

Powder-Free: Eliminating the risk of allergies and irritation that may arise from powdered alternatives.

Beaded Cuff and Ambidextrous: The beaded cuff ensures a secure fit, while the ambidextrous design makes them suitable for both left and right-handed users.

Latex-Free: Perfect for those with latex allergies, these gloves are latex-free but offer comparable performance.

AQL 1.5: Achieving an Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) of 1.5, these gloves meet stringent quality criteria, delivering reliability you can trust.

Durability: With a shelf life of five years, Aurelia® Blush gloves are engineered to last, providing value and protection over an extended period.

Finger-Textured: The gloves feature finger-texturing, ensuring a secure grip even in wet or challenging conditions.

Pink Color: The eye-catching pink color adds a touch of style to your safety gear while maintaining the highest standards of performance.

Recommended Industries:
Ideal for medical professionals, beauticians, hairdressers, and more. These gloves offer versatile protection in various fields.

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6 (XS), 7 (S), 8 (M), 9 (L), 10 (XL)

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