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DuPont™ Tyvek 500 – Laboratory Coats press studs

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Offers enhanced protection for body parts that are more exposed to hazardous substances. DuPont™ Tyvek™ 500 Lab Coat with Collar provide an excellent barrier against fine particles and fibres, is ultra-low-linting and antistatically treated.

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  • Silicon non-added
  • Stitched internal seams
  • 3 pockets and 5 press stud closures
  • Composed of flash spun high density polyethylene
  • Provides an idea balance of protection, durability and comfort
  • Permeable to both air and water vapor, yet repels water-based liquids and aerosols
  • Applications include pharmaceutical handling, chemical protection, lead and asbestos abatement/remediation, general maintenance/operations, spray painting and general clean-up

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