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Eye Protection

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  • Eye Protection

    5×4- Clear Plus Protective Glasses – Univet


    Lens technology

    Conditions of use

    Standard brightness and Low brightness.

    Lens technology

    Anti-Scratch (K), Anti-Fog (N) and UV400.

  • Accessories

    Anti-Fog Cleaner – Univet



    Univet anti-fog spray.


    40x94x18 mm.

    Packaging colour


    Product quantity

    17 ml.

    Presence of alcohol



    The Univet cleaning products contain a type of alcohol tested and suitable for use on our products.

  • Accessories

    Anti-Fog Cloth – Univet


    Multi-use product

    200 uses.

    Anti-Fog feature

    6-8 hours per application (The anti-fog effect might be less effective in the case of some coatings).

    Ordering methods

    In multiples of 20 pieces per Dealers and Single piece for the end user.

    Product note

    Do not use the Anti-fog cloth in combination with Laser Safety or Cleanroom products.


  • Eye Protection

    Clear Vented Safety Goggles

    • Conforms to EN 166 1.B
    • A compact and lightweight goggle
    • Tough Polycarbonate Hard Coated lens offers high resistance to impact from flying particles
    • Vented body, cost effective, PVC frame, Polycarbonate lens
    • Indirect Venting offers Dust and Liquid Protection
    • Reduced Misting
  • Eye Protection

    EVOGuard® C4-MAX Industrial Visor – JSP

    • Visor conforms to EN 166 & EN 170
    • UV Protection – UV 2C-1.2
    • A – Impact Rating
    • K Rated – Anti-Scratch
    • N Rated – Anti-Mist
  • Eye Protection

    JSP Powercap® Infinity™ PAPR – Complete unit


    A fully integrated PAPR-P2 powered air respirator offering 4 of the highest levels of protection in one intuitive head mounted unit giving the wearer complete above the neck 4 in 1 protection. PowerCap® Infinity™, the perfect choice for many industries where dust poses a great danger to health. The unit provides the very latest in Powered Air Purifying Respiratory technology, combining decades of innovation from JSP in the fields of respiratory, head, eye and face protection.



  • Eye Protection

    Junior Stealth 7000

    One piece lens, Permanently attached side arms for durability.
    Contour design and flexibility of frame gives a good versatile fit onto both smaller and larger faces.
    Extremely light and comfortable.
    Conforms to EN166 1 F



  • Accessories

    PPE Spraying Pesticide Kit

    From 50.00

    Pesticide Spraying PPE Kit Includes:

    • Clear Vented Safety Goggles
    • Polyco DC05 Shield® Laminated Coveralls
    • GI/F11 30cm Shield® Green Nitrile Industrial Glove
    • JSP – Force®8 Half-Mask
    • 2 x Force® Classic Filters
  • Eye Protection

    Pre Mounted Safety Glasses – Univet

    From 29.99

    Forming part of the Contemporary 571 range, these safety glasses combine elegance and style with protection. Bosting clear polycarbonate lenses with Vanguard PLUS protection, a sleek black diamond nylon frame and a lightweight yet robust design, the product is ideally suited for regular and daily use.

  • Eye Protection

    Riley VIVID Plastic Lens Cleaning Station

    • Ready-to-hang dispenser
    • Contains 250 dry lens cleaning wipes and 500ml bottle of cleaning fluid
    • Free from alcohol and silicone
    • Anti-reflective and antistatic
    • Dispenser is degradable for planet-friendly disposal
    • Suitable for use with the Riley range of safety glasses
  • Eye Protection

    Univet 620 Up – Clear Goggles

    Univet goggles provide the wearer with a greater sense of security and allow the protection of the eye area increased thanks to a perfect fit to the face, a wide coverage area and a superior impact resistance.
    Size: One Size
    • Anti-Fog
    • Anti-Scratch
    • Ergonomic
  • Eye Protection

    Bolle – Bandido Safety Glasses

    From 5.95

    Bolle Bandido Safety Glasses

    Bolle Bandido Safety Glasses are an economic model for authentic protection. Made entirely of highly resistant polycarbonate, Bandido eye shields have inbuilt side protection and allow an excellent panoramic view, with an anti-scratch coating. Bandido:- Frames are clear polycarbonate. Internal side shield. Lightweight 31G. Standards:- EN166-1F, EN170, Anti-Fog, Anti-Scratch



  • Eye Protection

    Bolle – Overlight Overspecs Glasses


    Welcome to “Your Safety,” where your well-being is our priority. Discover the exceptional protection and comfort of Bolle Safety Overlight Glasses, a versatile solution designed to enhance workplace safety.

    • Optical Class: 1F
    • Double-Sided Anti-Scratch Lens
    • Grade 1F Impact Lens
    • 99.9% UV Protection
    • PPE Compatible
    • Anti-Fog
    • 45m/s Impact Protection


  • Eye Protection

    Bolle Safety Tracker Clear Glasses



    Elevate Workplace Safety with Bolle Safety Tracker Clear Glasses

    Discover the pinnacle of safety and protection with the Bolle Safety Tracker Clear Glasses. As a trusted guardian against mechanical and chemical risks, this eyewear stands out in the safety glasses spectrum.



  • Eye Protection

    JSP – M9300 Overspec Safety Eyewear

    ASd028-261-300 M9300

    At Your Safety, we prioritise your safety above all else. That’s why we proudly present our top-performing ASd028-261-300 M9300 Overspec Safety Eyewear. Designed to provide optimal eye and face protection in a variety of industrial environments, these safety glasses combine cutting-edge technology with unmatched comfort.



  • Eye Protection

    JSP – Stealth™ 9200 Faceshield Goggle


    Welcome to “Your Safety,” your trusted destination for premium protective gear. Explore the excellence of the Stealth 9200 Faceshield Goggle, an essential solution designed to provide unparalleled eye and face protection without compromising on comfort or clarity.

    • Lighter than a standard faceshield
    • Face shield can be lifted when not in use
    • Dust, liquid splash, molten metal, extreme temperatures and UV protection
    • Indirect vented, class 1 optics with MistResist+™ (N class anti-mist)
    • B grade impact at extreme temperatures
    • Conforms to EN 166 1B.T.3.4.9.N and EN 170 2-1.2



  • Eye Protection

    RILEY – Tilla Safety Glasses


    Introducing Tilla Safety Glasses: Your Clear Vision to Workplace Safety

    Welcome to “Your Safety,” where protection meets precision. Discover the Tilla Safety Glasses – your ultimate tool for enhancing workplace safety without compromising on style or comfort.



  • Eye Protection

    Riley Stream Evo Safety Glasses

    From 7.99

    Wraparound Lens • 100% Metal Free • Adjustable Headband & Gasket

    Stream™ Evo safety glasses provide extreme comfort and ‘wearability’ with a range of lens options to suit a variety of conditions.



  • Eye Protection

    Univet 506UG Hybrid Safety Glasses


    Univet 506UG VPLUS KN Hybrid Safety Glasses Sporty and Stylish AntiFog Univet 506 UG VPLUS K&N rated safety glasses with additional technical features.

    • Panoramic wrapping clear lens for a wider field of vision.
    • Temples adjustable in inclination. Soft-rubber gasket for a gentle support on the face.
    • Panoramic and wraparound lens for a better side protection. Adjustable elastic band. Protects against impacts.
    • Can be used for prolonged periods as it does not create distortion or fatigue.
    • Applications: – Mechanical work in good visibility conditions – No colour distortion


  • Eye Protection

    Honeywell Safety Brow Guard



    Welcome to “Your Safety,” your reliable partner in safeguarding your well-being. Introducing the Honeywell Safety Brow Guard – 1002341, a cutting-edge solution designed to provide exceptional protection in demanding work environments.

  • Eye Protection

    JSP Z4000 Safety Glasses

    • Conforms to EN 166.1.F & EN 170
    • Protection against low energy high-speed particles at 45m/s (101mph)
    • Optical class 1
    • Anti Scratch and Anti Mist Lens
    • 99.9% UV protection
  • Eye Protection

    UNIVET 5×4 Safety Glasses Smoked Lens


    5×4 Smoke G15 Lense Safety Glasses – AS AF lens

    Extreme style and comfort – Look good at work!
    Ultra Lightweight design 27 Grams
    Ergonomically designed wrap around One-Piece lens and frame
    Hypo allergenic nose pad for total comfort without slippage
    Hard coated lens for Anti Scratch.
    High quality Anti-Fog coating for long lasting protection.
    Medium Impact resistance
    99.9% UV protection
    Designed and made in Italy
     Lic#BMP598916 (Benchmark)
  • Eye Protection

    Honeywell Clearways™ Visor

    (Visor only)

    The Clearways™ Visor is both safe and practical, offering reliable protection against chemical splashes. Made from lightweight polycarbonate, this practical face shield allows the wearer to feel comfortable all day.

    • Strong and durable face shield for an economical safety solution
    • Easy to fit and change when required
    • Easy to clean and sanitise for hygiene maintenance

    • EU Category PPE – 2


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