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Bolle Safety Tracker Clear Glasses



Elevate Workplace Safety with Bolle Safety Tracker Clear Glasses

Discover the pinnacle of safety and protection with the Bolle Safety Tracker Clear Glasses. As a trusted guardian against mechanical and chemical risks, this eyewear stands out in the safety glasses spectrum.



This item: Bolle Safety Tracker Clear Glasses

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Key Features:

  • Complete Protection: Bolle Tracker safety glasses offer unrivalled safeguarding against both mechanical and chemical hazards, setting a new standard in safety eyewear.
  • Platinum Permanent Coating: Equipped with a platinum permanent coating on both sides of the lens, these glasses exhibit remarkable scratch resistance (1.4 cd/m²) and an exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, while effectively curbing fog formation.
  • Interchangeable Foam Reinforcement: Enjoy the flexibility of interchangeable foam reinforcement combined with indirect ventilation, optimising comfort and preventing fogging.
  • 360-Degree Protection: From upper to lower protection, Bolle Tracker ensures a comprehensive coverage that shields your eyes from all angles.
  • Customisable Fit: The glasses come with removable adjustable straps and straight temples, allowing you to tailor the fit to your preference for unparalleled comfort.
  • Anti-Scratch/Anti-Fog: Experience distortion-free vision with the anti-scratch and anti-fog properties that keep your sight clear and unobstructed.
  • Complimentary Microfiber Storage Bag: Keep your eyewear protected with the included microfiber storage bag, ensuring your glasses are ready for action at any time.

Why Bolle Safety Tracker Clear Glasses?

  • Unmatched Protection: Engineered to shield against mechanical and chemical threats, these glasses are a versatile and vital addition to your safety gear.
  • Enduring Clarity: The platinum coating guarantees enduring clarity by resisting scratches and chemical damage, along with anti-fog technology for a clear line of sight.
  • Adaptable Comfort: The combination of interchangeable foam, adjustable straps, and straight temples ensures optimal comfort for extended wear.
  • Enhanced Vision: Anti-scratch and anti-fog features eliminate visual disturbances, enabling you to focus on your tasks with confidence.

Prioritize Your Safety – Secure Your Bolle Safety Tracker Clear Glasses Today!

Upgrade your safety regimen with Bolle Safety Tracker Clear Glasses – the ultimate fusion of protection, comfort, and clarity. Don’t compromise on your well-being; invest in eyewear that’s designed to exceed expectations.


Bolle Safety Tracker Clear Glasses, workplace safety, mechanical risks, chemical risks, platinum permanent coating, scratch-resistant, aggressive chemicals, fog resistance, interchangeable foam, comprehensive protection, customisable fit, anti-scratch, anti-fog, microfiber storage bag, EN166 FT CE, EN166 3 4 BT CE.

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