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Polyco – Grip It Oil Therm

From 6.00

Seamless knitted glove with a dual nitrile coating and fleecy liner





Handling: Utilises two layers of nitrile coating to provide ultimate abrasion protection and gripping ability. The first layer which is a full coating is soft and resilient allowing for excellent dexterity. The second layer which is a palm coating, is infused with microfoam bubbles increasing resistance to oils and maximising grip
Durable: Delivers excellent abrasion protection, durability and a long life expectancy
Fleecy Liner: Provides exceptional warmth and comfort
Hi-Vis: High visibility colour improves visual awareness even in subdued light
SilverClear® glove formulated from silver, a powerful and proven antimicrobial agent that inhibits bacterial, fungal and viral growth. The additive will protect the gloves from microbial growth but also from mold and bad odours avoiding premature material degradation and discoloration.

Sizes: 7-11


7 (S), 8 (M), 9 (L), 10 (XL), 11 (XXL)

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