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Traffic Barriers – JSP Titan Barrier System


2M (length) X 1.2M (height) and 14.5kg weight.

Solid and sturdy this barrier system has:

  • Reflective Panel: Meets EN12899-2 requirements.
  • Does not collect water when stacked
  • Easy use connecting clips
  • Excellent surface grip
  • Design allows for easy storage and stacking

The Titan™ is the recognised and well established stacking barrier from JSP, it has all the usual advantages of standard stackable systems but in addition has many unique features. Titan™ has undergone modifications to further improve longevity and to meet the proposed NRSWA changes effecting wind stability, setout in BS8442 when erected and assembled correctly.



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The Titan Traffic Barrier system is one of our most popular traffic management barriers. It can be linked with other barriers delivering a large scale traffic management solution. 

Traffic Barriers – Scalable Solution Bulk Orders

These Titan Barriers are extensively tested in the factory. Barrier durability is tested along with stability.

Barriers can be easily linked to deliver a scalable solution that meets your needs.

We cater for bulk orders.



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