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JSP – EVO® VISTAlens® Safety Helmet with Integrated Eyewear – Vented

From 44.32

Helmet Printing and Branding options.

Enhance your safety gear with custom helmet printing and branding available on JSP Helmets. Add your logo, company name, or unique design to create a professional and personalised look that sets you apart.


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JSP EVO VISTAlens Helmet with Integrated Eyewear - Vented
This item: JSP - EVO® VISTAlens® Safety Helmet with Integrated Eyewear - Vented
From 44.32
From 44.32

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Introducing the JSP EVO VISTAlens Safety Helmet with Integrated Eyewear – Vented, a revolutionary solution for comprehensive head protection with integrated eyewear. Explore its visionary features and benefits for ultimate safety and comfort.

Key Features & Benefits:

Visionary Protection:

  • Developed to seamlessly integrate with above-the-neck PPE, combining a strong ABS shell with Evolution® 3D-Adjustment™ harness for superior all-day protection and comfort.

Safety Cell Protection:

  • Designed to exceed safety standards, the safety cell concept prevents debris from impacting the scalp, ensuring wearer safety even in hazardous environments.

Prescription Compatibility:

  • Fully compatible with prescription eyewear, allowing wearers to comfortably wear their glasses underneath the integrated overspec, ensuring protection without compromise.

Fully Adjustable:

  • Pivot arms allow for seamless retraction and deployment, accommodating prescription spectacles with ease, ensuring a wide arc of vision.

Respirator Compatibility:

  • Maximizes compatibility with JSP respirators such as the Force®8 PressToCheck™ and the Sonis® helmet mounted ear defender range, ensuring comprehensive protection in various work environments.


  • Dual-vented shell provides optional ventilation, reducing helmet temperature by an average of 2-3 degrees, enhancing wearer comfort during prolonged use.

CR2 Reflectivity:

  • Optional high-intensity reflective material offering increased visibility, ensuring wearer safety in low-light conditions.

TPR Lens Seal:

  • Thermoplastic rubber seal molds to the wearer’s face, providing a secure seal for enhanced projectile protection and comfort.

Optical Class 1 Overspec:

  • Offers a panoramic view with minimal distortion and B-rated impact protection, conforming to EN166.1.BT standards.

ID Card Holder & Comfort:

  • Features a clear plastic ID card holder and a lamp bracket for added convenience. Lightweight at only 496.1g, with a fully adjustable wheel ratchet and 6-point textile harness for unrivaled comfort.

Experience the innovation and superior protection of the JSP EVO® VISTAlens® Safety Helmet with Integrated Eyewear – Vented. Order now and elevate your safety standards to new heights.



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