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  • ecospill

    240 Litre Spill Response Kit



    Designed to meet the spill containment needs of various industries, the 240L Spill kit is a high-performance solution that ensures the safety and cleanliness of your workplace. With its exceptional features and innovative design, this product is a must-have for any organisation seeking effective spill control.

    Absorbs: 240Litres

    Contains:  150Pads, 61.2m Socks, 10Pillows, 18Waste bags and ties

  • ADR-Hazchem

    2700 Arc Flash Gloves ProGARM

    From 24.99

    ProGARM® 2700 Arc flash gloves coated with Neoprene and Natural Rubber for excellent comfort, grip and flexibility. Providing the wearer with A4/Cut 5/Level D resistance as well as heat and Arc Flash protection. Suitable for a number of high-risk environments.



  • Cold Handling

    Eco Thermal Cut 3 Gloves – Polyflex

    From 6.25

    Product Description:

    Discover the Polyflex® ECO Therm Thermal Lined Sandy Latex Coated Glove, a remarkable combination of environmental responsibility and superior hand protection.


  • Chemical Resistant & Janitorial

    GI/F11 30cm Shield Green Nitrile Industrial Glove

    From 1.80

    Product Description:

    Elevate your hand protection to a new level with the GI/F11 30cm Shield® Green Nitrile Industrial Glove. Engineered for superior strength, durability, and chemical resistance, these gloves are your essential companion for a wide range of industrial tasks.


  • Disposable

    Grippaz Skins

    From 8.95

    50 pack

    Suitable for:

    • Mechanics
    • Engineers
    • Agriculture
    • General Use
    • Wet, Dry & Oily Grip

    Fish Scale Grip – Powder Free – Extra Thickness – Nitrile

    Extra Tough – Max Dexterity L5 – Chemical Resistant.

    • 1 pack is €8.95
    • 1 case (10 packs) is €8.25 per Pack
  • Bundles

    Medical Biohazard Sharps Disposal Bundle


    Product Description – Medical Biohazard Sharps Disposal Kit:

    In the world of healthcare, safety and hygiene are paramount. That’s why we’ve carefully curated the Medical Biohazard Sharps Disposal Kit to ensure the utmost protection and cleanliness in the handling of sharps and potentially infectious materials. This comprehensive kit includes essential tools designed to minimize risks and keep healthcare professionals safe and secure.

  • Cut Resistant

    Polyco – GH315 Cut Level 5/E Glove

    From 5.95

    Cut Resistant
    Liner offers maximum cut resistance, EN388 cut level E/5

    Polyurethane coating on palm provides excellent abrasion and tear resistance

    Good grip for safer handling in wet and dry conditions

    Seamless liner for comfort

    Knit Wrist
    Elasticated knit wrist ensures a secure fit and keeps hands free of dust and debris

    • Single glove €5.95
    • Pack of 12 €4.37 per glove
    • Case of 144 €3.64 per glove
  • Cut Resistant

    Polyco – HYDRO C3 Gloves

    From 5.10

    Polyco HYDRO C3 Gloves offer superior grip, enhanced cut resistance, and water resistance, making them ideal for construction, engineering, and manufacturing. Experience unparalleled comfort and protection with these ergonomically designed gloves.

    Polyco HYDRO C3 Gloves are the ultimate choice for professionals seeking top-notch protection and comfort in challenging environments. Order now to elevate your hand protection standards.

  • Polyco

    Polyco Tremor‑Low X Anti Vibration Glove

    From 23.50

    Polyco Tremor‑Low X Anti Vibration Gloves offer unmatched comfort and vibration protection for high-vibration tasks. Ideal for construction, manufacturing, and heavy industries.


  • Cut Resistant

    Polyflex – ECO Cut level F Foamed Nitrile Palm Coated Glove

    From 11.52

    Polyflex ECO Cut Level F Gloves offer maximum cut resistance, heat resistance, and touch screen compatibility. Made from recycled materials and plastic-free packaging, ideal for various industrial applications.

    Cut resistant: Cut 5/Level F (EN 388:2016)

  • Eco Products

    Skytec – Eco Bronze Glove Thermal

    From 6.31


    Skytec Eco Bronze Thermal Gloves offer eco-friendly craftsmanship, antimicrobial copper technology, and superior comfort. Ideal for construction, logistics, manufacturing, and more.



  • Eco Products

    Skytec – Eco Chrome Glove

    From 4.35


    Skytec Eco Chrome Gloves offer sustainable craftsmanship, copper-infused antimicrobial technology, and ergonomic design. Ideal for construction, manufacturing, and more.


  • Eco Products

    Skytec – Eco Copper Glove

    From 3.13


    Skytec Eco Copper Gloves offer antimicrobial copper technology, superior cut and abrasion resistance, and eco-friendly materials. Ideal for construction, manufacturing, gardening, and more

    • Pack of 10 €2.75 per glove
    • Case of 120 €2.59 per glove


  • Cut Resistant

    Skytec – Tons TP5 Cut Level 5/Level D Glove

    From 5.83

    Cut resistant glove with polyurethane palm coating

    • Cut resistant: Level 5/Level D (EN 388:2016)
    • Durable palm coating resists rips and abrasion
    • Excellent grip in dry handling conditions
    • Flexible close-fitting design for a comfortable wearing experience
    • Breathable and lightweight
    • Knitwrist cuff style.

    For business Rates get in touch with our sales team on  info@yoursafety.ie

  • Cut Resistant

    Skytec TONS TP-3 Cut Resistant Glove

    From 5.25

    Skytec TONS TP-3 Cut Resistant Gloves offer Level B cut protection, excellent grip, and comfort. Ideal for automotive, construction, logistics, maintenance, and waste management.

  • General Use

    Skytec TP-1 Safety Gloves

    From 1.96

    Skytec TP-1 Safety Gloves offer a durable polyurethane palm coating for excellent grip and precision. Ideal for automotive, construction, electronics, and more. Enjoy comfort and protection.



  • General Use

    Polyco – Polyflex Ultra Glove – Foamed Palm Coating.

    From 2.50

    Polyco Polyflex Ultra Gloves feature a foamed palm coating for superior grip, flexibility, and abrasion resistance. Ideal for wet and dry conditions, offering liquid repellent properties and comfortable wear.

  • Cold Handling

    Polyco Imola® Drivers Style Glove

    From 9.95

    Product Description:

    Experience exceptional hand protection with the Polyco Imola® Drivers Style Glove, where style meets functionality in a single, versatile package. These gloves are your essential companion for a wide range of tasks, offering both durability and comfort.


  • General Use

    Skytec – Aria Safety Gloves

    From 2.70

    Skytec Aria Safety Gloves offer ultra-durable nitrile foam coating, excellent grip, and superior comfort. Ideal for automotive, construction, logistics, and more. Oeko-Tex™ certified.

  • General Use

    BMG 201

    From 3.00

    BMG 201 Gloves offer liquid repellency, advanced grip, and excellent abrasion resistance. Ideal for automotive, construction, maintenance, and more. EN 388:2016, CAT II certified.

  • Disposable

    GL890 Bodyguards Blue Nitrile

    From 6.95

    GL890 Bodyguards Blue Nitrile Disposable Gloves offer high grip, dexterity, and latex-free protection. Ideal for medical, construction, automotive, and more. EN374 and EN455 certified

  • Cut Resistant

    HexArmor® PointGuard® Ultra 9032 needlestick protection glove

    From 83.63
    • High needlestick and cut resistance
    • Protects against fluid-injection injuries up to 10,150 PSI (700 bar)
    • Includes industry-changing SuperFabric®* brand material to protect against hazards
    • Sandy nitrile three-quarter knuckle palm coating over polyester shell
    • Seamless construction delivers high comfort and dexterity


  • Chemical Resistant & Janitorial

    Polyco – Grip It Oil Therm

    From 6.00

    Experience unmatched grip and protection with Polyco Grip It Oil Therm Gloves, designed for challenging environments. These gloves feature a dual-layer nitrile coating that provides superior abrasion protection and gripping ability.


  • Chemical Resistant & Janitorial

    Polyco – Grip It Wet Dual Latex Coated Glove

    From 5.50

    Key Features of the Polyco Grip It Gloves GIW

    • Feature double latex layers for excellent waterproof capabilities
    • Provides outstanding levels of grip in all conditions
    • Offers soft and pliable construction that ensures flexibility
    • Provides tough abrasion resistance that is ideal for rough material handling
    • Features a foam coating that aids water resistant design
    • Designed with a comfortable contoured design that reduces hand fatigue
    • Ergonomically designed to fit tight with a tapered design at the wrist


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