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Medical Biohazard Sharps Disposal Bundle


Product Description – Medical Biohazard Sharps Disposal Kit:

In the world of healthcare, safety and hygiene are paramount. That’s why we’ve carefully curated the Medical Biohazard Sharps Disposal Kit to ensure the utmost protection and cleanliness in the handling of sharps and potentially infectious materials. This comprehensive kit includes essential tools designed to minimize risks and keep healthcare professionals safe and secure.

Medical Biohazard Sharps Disposal Kit

Key Components:

1. 7-Liter Needle Bucket: Our robust 7-liter needle bucket provides a secure and designated space for the safe disposal of needles and other sharps. With a tightly sealed lid, it prevents accidental access and reduces the risk of contamination. This container is a critical component of any healthcare facility, clinic, or laboratory, promoting safe sharps disposal practices.

2. HexArmor® PointGuard® Ultra 9032 Needlestick Protection Glove: Safety knows no compromise, and the HexArmor® PointGuard® Ultra 9032 Needlestick Protection Glove sets the standard for hand protection. Designed to shield against needlestick injuries, this glove offers unparalleled puncture resistance without sacrificing dexterity. The innovative design combines comfort and safety, making it an essential addition to your personal protective equipment (PPE) arsenal.

3. Litter Picker: Maintaining a clean and safe environment is vital in healthcare settings. Our included litter picker enables easy and hygienic collection of waste and debris. Whether it’s for routine cleanup or handling biohazardous materials, this tool ensures that your workspace remains tidy and free from contamination.

Safety and Compliance: The Medical Biohazard Sharps Disposal Kit aligns with strict safety regulations and biohazard disposal guidelines. It is an indispensable asset for healthcare professionals who prioritize the well-being of both their patients and themselves.

Whether you’re a healthcare provider, laboratory technician, or anyone involved in biohazardous waste management, our Medical Biohazard Sharps Disposal Kit is a reliable companion for a safer and cleaner working environment. Trust in the quality and effectiveness of this kit to protect you and those under your care.

Note: Please ensure that your local biohazard disposal regulations and guidelines are followed when using this kit to guarantee safe and proper disposal of sharps and biohazardous waste.

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