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Sterile Eye Wash – 500ml


To minimize the potential for enduring harm resulting from eye injuries, prompt treatment and immediate medical attention are crucial. It is vital to promptly address any eye injuries and seek medical advice without delay. Additionally, the utilization of a sterile eyewash is of utmost importance both in the case of an eye injury and when attending to a wound, ensuring proper care and hygiene.

Sterile Eye Wash 500ml, a crucial addition to your first aid supplies. Designed to comply with the ACOP L74 health and safety (first aid) regulations, providing a reliable and effective means of eye irrigation in case of emergencies.

Why Use Eyewash?

A complete range of emergency eyewash is available to enable you to comply with the ACOP L74 health and safety (first aid) regulations. ‘If mains tap water is not readily available for eye irritation, at least a litre of sterile water or saline (0.9% w/v) in sealed, disposable containers should be provided. Once the seal has been broken, the containers should not be kept for reuse. The container should not be used after the expiry date.’

Sterowash is Safer than Tap Water, but Why?

  • Bacterial Infection Risk: Tap water can harbor bacteria that may cause infection.
  • Chemical Irritation: Chlorine and other chemicals in tap water can irritate the eyes.
  • Cold Water Reaction: Natural objection to the cold temperature of tap water.
  • Practical Issues: Difficulty placing the eye under a tap or into a sink.
  • Balanced Saline Solution: Specifically balanced to ensure no irritation when absorbed into the body.

Ideal for All Sports Cuts and Injuries

  • Topical, Sterile Eyewash Solution: Contains Sodium Chloride BP 0.9% w/v in purified water BP.
  • No Added Substances: No antimicrobial agent or other substances.
  • Sterile and Pyrogen Free: Ensures safety and effectiveness.


  • Volume: 500ml
  • Composition: Sodium Chloride BP 0.9% w/v in purified water BP
  • Application: For the irrigation and cleansing of the eyes and for removing chemical splashes from the body.
  • Compliance: Meets ACOP L74 health and safety regulations for first aid.


  • Workplace Safety: Essential for factories, laboratories, and other environments where eye irritants are present.
  • Sports Injuries: Ideal for treating eye injuries and removing debris or chemical splashes during sports activities.
  • General Use: Suitable for any setting where eye safety is a priority.

Why Choose Our Sterile Eye Wash 500ml?

  • Safe and Effective: Provides immediate relief and cleansing for eye irritants and injuries.
  • Compliant with Regulations: Meets ACOP L74 health and safety standards.
  • Sterile and Non-Irritating: Formulated to be gentle on the eyes while effectively cleansing and removing contaminants.
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