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  • Anchorages

    Detent Wall Anchor

    Our anchorage connectors are built from top quality materials guaranteeing high strength and durability to stand up to the toughest environments. Anchorage connectors are the unsung heroes of most fall protection systems, often overlooked but critical.



    • Use vertically in wall or horizontally in ceiling

      This placement flexibility allows sockets to be installed in various locations providing convenient tie-off points wherever the user needs them.

    • Reusable detent D-ring assembly – extra sockets (#2101003) available

      Allows user to tie-off anywhere a socket is pre-installed with a push of a button, simply keep attached to lanyard and move from one location to another.

    • Socket cover cap included

      The cap ensures the recess is not visible when the anchor is not in use so it blends into the décor.

    • Swivelling D-ring tie-off point

      A built-in D-ring provides a compatible connection for your fall protection system and swivels keeping your connecting component in-line at all times.


  • Fire Protection

    Fire warden kit for Small-Medium Sized Businesses/Shops


    Ensure the utmost safety and preparedness in the face of potential fire hazards with the “Your Safety” Fire Marshal Kit. This comprehensive kit is  designed to equip fire marshals with the essential tools and resources necessary to effectively manage fire incidents and protect lives.


    • Hi Visibility Vest marked ‘Fire Warden’
    • Hi Visibility Cap
    • LED torch with batteries
    • Hand held air horn
    • Emergency Whistle
    • Fire Safety Log book

    Not what you are looking for?  We do also do bespoke fire emergency kits, get in touch with our team on  042 933 5600 or email  yoursafety1981@gmail.com

  • JSP

    JSP – Chain Support Post with base

    From 7.95


    When it comes to creating efficient and versatile barrier systems, the JSP HDE100-005-400 Chain Support Post stands out as a reliable choice. This innovative post is designed to work seamlessly with posts or cones, providing the foundation for a multi-functional barrier system that meets various needs in different settings. Pair with 25 metre chain

    Get in touch for Bulk Prices

  • Head Protection

    JSP – Powercap® Active™ IP 8hr – Black

    • Conforms to EN 12941 & EN 812
    • No Face Fit Required
    • Lightweight, firm fitting, ergonomically designed positive pressure respirator
    • The cap uses JSP Hardcap A1+™ bump cap technology
    • PowerBox™1 battery pack
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