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BLUE DOT Reusable Hot & Cold Compress


Product Description – BLUE DOT Reusable Hot & Cold Compress:

Your versatile solution for effective hot and cold therapy. Designed for convenience and comfort, this compress measures 26cm x 13.5cm.


  • Hot and Cold Therapy: This reusable hot and cold pack is specially designed for therapeutic applications, offering relief from a range of conditions such as sprains, strains, muscle pain, and swelling.
  • Non-Toxic Gel Pack: The non-toxic gel pack remains soft when frozen, ensuring comfort during use. It features a special barrier that helps retain both heat and cold, delivering effective relief.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for a wide range of situations, including sports injuries, general bruising, minor burns, stiffness, and toothaches. It offers versatile support for various soft tissue injuries.
  • Long-Lasting and Effective:  Outlasts and performs better than standard ice packs, making it a reliable choice for your therapeutic needs.

Usage Instructions:

  • For Cold Use: Place the pack in the freezer for up to 2 hours before use. To prevent direct contact with the skin, wrap it in a cloth or protective sleeve. Use the pack in short intervals, not exceeding 20 minutes.
  • For Hot Use: Heat the pack in a microwave at 600w for 20 seconds, adjusting the heating time in 10-second intervals if needed. Wrap the pack in a cloth or protective sleeve before use and use it in short intervals, not exceeding 20 minutes.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness for your pain relief and therapeutic needs. It’s a versatile companion for addressing various soft tissue injuries and discomfort.


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