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Ecospill – Premier Chemical Pad – C0415040


Chemical Pad with first rate performance and excellent value. Made from 100% Polypropylene with a sonic bonded core our Premier Chemical pads are the perfect solution for day to day applications.

Units in Pack:100
Size:50cm x 40cm
Absorbency:0.8L Per Pad

Ecospill – Premier Chemical Pad – High-Performance Absorbent

Our Ecospill Premier Chemical Pad, offers first-rate performance and excellent value for all your spill management needs. Made from 100% Polypropylene with a sonic bonded core, these chemical pads are designed to deliver superior absorption and durability. They are the perfect solution for day-to-day applications in industrial and commercial settings.

High-Performance Absorption

Ecospill Premier Chemical Pads provide exceptional absorbency for a wide range of chemicals. The sonic bonded core ensures that the pads can quickly and efficiently absorb spills, preventing the spread of hazardous substances and maintaining a safe work environment. Their robust construction makes them ideal for handling spills of fuels, solvents, and various industrial liquids.

Durable and Reliable

Made from high-quality Polypropylene, these chemical pads are both durable and reliable. The sonic bonded core enhances their structural integrity, allowing them to withstand heavy use without tearing or breaking apart. This durability ensures that they provide long-lasting spill management solutions, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Ideal for Daily Applications

Ecospill Premier Chemical Pads are versatile and suitable for various day-to-day applications. Whether you need to manage small leaks, drips, or larger spills, these pads are up to the task. They are lightweight and easy to deploy, making them an essential component of any spill response kit.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Exceptional Absorbency: Quickly absorbs a wide range of chemicals, fuels, and solvents.
  • Sonic Bonded Core: Enhances absorption efficiency and pad durability.
  • High-Quality Polypropylene: Ensures robustness and reliability for daily use.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for small leaks, drips, and larger spills in various settings.
  • Cost-Effective: Provides excellent value with long-lasting performance.

Why Choose Ecospill Premier Chemical Pads?

Our Ecospill Premier Chemical Pads are designed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial and commercial environments. With their high absorbency and durability, they provide an efficient and reliable solution for managing chemical spills. By choosing Ecospill, you ensure that your spill response is both effective and economical.

Equip your facility with Ecospill Premier Chemical Pads and experience the difference in quality and performance. Protect your workspace and employees with the best in spill management solutions.


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