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The ultimate solution for effective and hassle-free disinfection. Meticulously crafted ensuring superior sanitation in various industries, including medical, pharmaceutical, and food.


Isopropanol Alcohol-Based: Each wipe is constructed from non-woven fabric and contains a potent 70% isopropanol alcohol-based solution, offering a powerful defense against a broad spectrum of bacteria and fungi.

Versatile Sanitizing: MICROSAFE DISINFECTANT 70% IPA WIPES are suitable for all sanitizing applications, making them an indispensable tool in maintaining hygiene in diverse settings.

Trusted in Multiple Industries: Mainly used in the following industries, medical, pharmaceutical, and food. Trusted for their reliability in maintaining a clean and safe environment.

Effortless Application: The pre-saturated design ensures convenience and reliability in practice, allowing for easy, efficient, and consistent disinfection.

Wide Surface Compatibility: These wipes can be confidently used on various surfaces, ensuring comprehensive contamination control in areas critical to public health.

Elevate your commitment to cleanliness and hygiene with MICROSAFE DISINFECTANT 70% IPA WIPES, setting the standard for infection control and hygiene in medical, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

MICROSAFE Effective Bacteria and Fungi Defense. Versatile Sanitizing Applications. Pre-Saturated Isopropanol Alcohol Wipes. Trusted in Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries. Reliable Food Industry Sanitation. Effortless Disinfectant Application. Wide Surface Compatibility Wipes. Comprehensive Contamination Control.
Hygiene in Medical and Pharmaceutical Settings. Non-Woven Fabric Convenient Disinfection Solutions. Hassle-Free Sanitation. Superior Sanitizing Performance. Effective Contamination Control. MICROSAFE  Details.


200 Wipes, 500 Wipes

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