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Polyco Touchstone™ Kevlar® Sleeve (14″)


Sold as a single sleeve.

Product Description – Polyco Touchstone™ Kevlar® Sleeve (14″) Heat Resistant:

Discover the ultimate in heat resistance and protection with the Polyco Touchstone™ Kevlar® Sleeve. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures and offer unparalleled defense, this 14-inch sleeve is your safeguard against high-risk cut hazards and contact heat. Crafted from 100% Kevlar® aramid fiber, it not only delivers exceptional resistance but also maintains dexterity and wearer comfort.


  • Heat Resistant: Tested to Level 2 (up to 250ºC) for contact heat according to EN407 standards, the Polyco Touchstone™ Kevlar® Sleeve is engineered to excel in high-temperature environments.
  • Cut Standard: Achieving cut level C according to EN388, this sleeve provides top-tier protection in applications with high-risk cut hazards.
  • Cut Resistant: Crafted from 100% Kevlar® aramid fiber, this sleeve offers superior resistance against cuts, slashes, and abrasions. It empowers wearers with both protection and dexterity.
  • Unique Feature: Not only does this sleeve offer top-tier protection, but it’s also machine washable, extending its lifespan and ensuring cost-effective use.
  • Comfort: Soft Kevlar® fibers and seamless construction ensure wearer comfort, even during extended wear periods. Say goodbye to irritation and discomfort.

Versatile Sectors: The Polyco Touchstone™ Kevlar® Sleeve is a versatile protective solution suitable for various sectors, including:

  • Automotive
  • Construction & Utility
  • Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Warehousing, Transport, and Logistics

Stay Protected: Whether you’re working with high temperatures or encountering cut hazards, the Polyco Touchstone™ Kevlar® Sleeve is your reliable partner in safety and comfort.

Polyco Touchstone™ Kevlar® Sleeve (14″)

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