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Sioen – Zermatt Cold Storage Bib & Brace Trousers

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When you face extreme cold temperatures as low as -40°C, you need reliable cold storage workwear that not only keeps you warm but also ensures comfort and durability. The Sioen Zermatt 6105A2PB4 Cold Storage Bib & Brace Trousers are engineered to excel in the harshest conditions, meeting the highest European Standards while providing unbeatable protection and flexibility.


Sioen – Zermatt Cold Storage

Key Features:

Unparalleled Cold Protection: These bib and brace trousers feature a fixed padded ISOSOFT® lining, ensuring you stay comfortably warm, even in frigid temperatures as low as -40°C. Defying the bitter cold has never been this comfortable.

Adjustable Comfort: Designed for your convenience, these trousers come equipped with adjustable buckle braces, allowing you to tailor the fit to your preference.

Built to Last: Extra reinforcements at the knees. Superior durability in demanding environments. Say goodbye to worries about wear and tear.

Meeting Rigorous Standards: Compliant with European Standards EN 342 : 2017 (lcler=0.344 m² K/W) Class 2, EN 342 2017 (for trousers in combination with a jacket), and EN ISO 13688 : 2013, these bib and brace trousers guarantee quality and performance that exceed industry benchmarks.

Cold Storage Wear

High-Performance Fabric: Crafted from a blend of 80% Polyester and 20% Cotton, with a weight of approximately 225 g/m², these trousers strike the perfect balance between insulation and comfort.

Functional Exterior: The front fly with a zipper, 2 inset pockets, braces with buckle, and leg narrowing below via touch and close fastening make these trousers versatile and practical for your daily work needs. The zip closure under a flap at the leg end with touch & close fastening ensures a snug fit, eliminating cold bridges.

Prepare yourself for the most challenging cold storage conditions with the Sioen Zermatt 6105A2PB4 Cold Storage Bib & Brace Trousers. Trust in European excellence, outstanding insulation, and top durability, all wrapped up in a product that’s designed to meet and exceed your cold weather workwear needs.

Cold Storage Bib & Brace Trousers. Sioen Zermatt 6105A2PB4 Extreme Cold Protection. European Standards EN 342. Cold Weather Workwear. Adjustable Buckle Braces ISOSOFT®. Lining Wear-Resistant Reinforcements -40°C Cold Protection. Front Fly with Zipper Touch. and Close Fastening Cold Bridge Prevention High-Performance Fabric. EN ISO 13688 Compliant Durable Cold Storage Gear Ireland.


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