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Free Delivery On Orders Over €150 ex VAT

10m Rope With Grab – Viola


ADVANTAGES : * Ideal for roof applications * Supplied in a bag

BUSINESS SECTORS : Construction – roofers, Infrastructure; building industry, Light Industries, Maintenance, Solar installation

Guided type fall arrest system for vertical and horizontal use or sloped roofs


RANGE : Rope Grabs

SUBFAMILY : Non Detachable

This mobile fall arrester on 10m rope provides protection against falls from a height while allowing great freedom of movement. The rope grab follows the movements of the user along the anchor line and blocks instantly in the event of a fall.
Designed for applications on horizontal, vertical and inclined planes including sloped roofs. * The rope grab cannot be opened * Top end of the rope with thimble, lower end with a stop knot * Material: Rope grab in steel with absorber. Polyamide braided rope Ø 12 mm in 10 m length * Steel screw karabiner on the rope grab
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