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1000L Chemical Spill Response Kit | PE Bin



Designed to meet the highest standards of spill control, the C1231000 is a comprehensive spill kit that empowers you to respond quickly and effectively to unexpected spills. With its advanced features and top-quality materials, this spill kit is an essential asset for organizations committed to maintaining a clean and hazard-free environment.


Absorbs:  1000 Litres
Contains:   300 Pads
7 3m Socks
2 Rolls
20 Pillows
8 Booms
1 Floor sign
1 Hazard Tape
60 Waste bags and ties

Key Features

  1. Swift and Reliable Response: The 1000L Chemical Spill Kit ensures a rapid response to spills, minimising the potential for accidents and environmental damage. With its carefully selected absorbents, including pads, socks, and pillows, this kit allows you to contain and clean up spills promptly and efficiently.
  2. Versatility for Various Liquids: Whether you’re dealing with oil, chemicals, acid and most other hazardous liquids, this spill response kit is designed to handle a wide range of substances. Its absorbents are specifically engineered to provide excellent fluid retention, ensuring efficient containment and cleanup.
  3. Convenient and Organised Design: Time is of the essence during spill incidents. The 1000L Chemical Spill Kit features a well-organized and easily accessible layout of absorbents within a sturdy and portable container. This enables your response team to quickly locate and deploy the necessary tools, saving valuable time and ensuring a swift response.
  4. Eco-Friendly Solution: At Your Safety, we are committed to environmental responsibility. The 1000L Chemical Spill Kit reflects this commitment by utilising absorbents made from recycled and renewable materials. By choosing this spill kit, you not only protect your workplace but also contribute to sustainability efforts.
  5. Compliance and Peace of Mind: The 1000L Chemical Spill Kit is designed to meet industry regulations and standards, providing you with compliance and peace of mind. By incorporating this spill kit into your spill response plan, you can mitigate potential legal and reputational risks, ensuring a safe and compliant work environment.

Invest in the C1231000 spill kit by Ecospill and equip your organisation with the highest level of spill containment capabilities. With its swift response, versatile absorbents, emphasis on safety, and commitment to sustainability, this kit is your reliable partner in maintaining a clean and responsible workplace. Order now and be prepared to handle any spill emergency efficiently and effectively.


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