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30L Chemical Spill Response Kit | Clip-top Carrier



Designed to handle unexpected spills with precision, The 30L Chemical Spill Response Kit is a comprehensive solution that ensures a safe and clean environment in your workplace. Packed with innovative features and high-quality materials, this spill response kit is a must-have for organizations that prioritize spill control and safety.

Absorbs:  30 Litres
Contains:   20 Pads
2 1.2m Socks
2 Waste bags and ties

Key Features:

  1. Rapid Response Capability: The 30L Chemical Spill Response Kit is engineered for swift action. Equipped with a range of absorbents including pads, socks, and pillows, this kit enables you to contain and clean up spills quickly, minimizing the risk of accidents and environmental damage.
  2. Versatile Absorbents: From oils, chemicals, acids, fuels and most hazardous liquids, the 30L Chemical Spill Response Kit is designed to handle a wide variety of substances. The absorbents in this kit are specially formulated to efficiently soak up different types of liquids, ensuring effective containment and cleanup. Check the absorbency guide for more info Absorbency guide
  3. Easy Accessibility: Time is of the essence during a spill incident. The 30L Chemical Spill Response Kit features a well-organized and easily accessible arrangement of absorbents within a durable and portable container. This enables your response team to swiftly locate and deploy the necessary tools without any delay.
  4. Eco-Friendly Design: Ecospill values sustainability, and the C1290030 reflects our commitment to the environment. The absorbents in this kit are made from recycled and renewable materials, reducing the ecological impact of spill cleanup while maintaining effectiveness and performance.
  5. Compliance and Peace of Mind: The C1290030 is designed to meet regulatory standards and guidelines. By using this spill response kit, you can maintain compliance with environmental and safety regulations, giving you peace of mind and mitigating potential legal and repetitional risks.

Invest in the 30L Chemical Spill Response Kit by Ecospill and ensure that you are prepared to handle spills effectively. With its rapid response capability, versatile absorbents, and commitment to safety and sustainability, this kit is your reliable partner in maintaining a clean and hazard-free workplace. Order now and be equipped to handle any spill emergency with confidence.

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