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Microlite Flashing Beacon (Excluding Battery)


Microlite Flashing Beacon • 360 degree visibility

The 360° orange flashing beacon, known as the vehicle breakdown lamp, is a vital equipment that should be present in your vehicle at all times. Its primary function is to warn other drivers in advance about a stationary vehicle on the road, thereby minimizing the risk of accidents. It is crucial for vehicles transporting hazardous goods to adhere to the ADR requirement of carrying a flashing beacon at all times.
Also part of the ADR Hazchem kit
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  • A 360° lens that ensures visibility from all directions.
  • An ultra-bright bulb with a yellow lens.
  • A light sensor that automatically switches off the lamp during daylight to conserve battery power.
  • It operates at a standard flash rate of 65 +/- 10 flashes per minute.
  • Compliance with the ADR requirement is mandatory for mainland Europe.
  • The plastic ring handle is designed to fit onto a standard warning cone.

Relevant Legislation:

The European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) stipulates the necessity of the flashing beacon for vehicles transporting hazardous goods.

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